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SEO For Startups: How You Can Acquire Customers Organically

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50% of venture capital raised for startups goes straight into ads rather than building organic traffic.

The problem? People hate ads.

The other problem? 68% of online experiences begin with an organic search...not a paid click.

That means most people head to Google to look things up. And only 6% of those searches result in clicks to ads.

The other 94% goes to organic results!

If you aren't ranking for those organic searches, you're missing out on the majority of opportunities to convert potential customers and grow your startup.

In this guide I'll teach you how to grow your startup and get customers through search engine optimization, content marketing, and even local SEO.

Plain and simple.

Why trust me?

I'm Founder and CEO of uSERP, an SEO firm of 35+ people, working with publicly traded, venture backed software companies and early-stage startups looking to get traction.

I've done this playbook 100s of times for big brands and those that want to become one.

If you implement this advice, you'll acquire customers faster than you've ever experienced before with SEO.

Refund policy?

If you aren't ready to read this guide, digest it, and then implement, don't buy it. It's a digital product, there are no refunds.

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SEO For Startups: How You Can Acquire Customers Organically

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